Popular vs Right for your family

Homeschool peer pressure: What’s popular isn’t necessarily what’s right for your family.

The choice of going with what is popular vs right for your family may be something you have already run into. If you’re homeschooling, you’re, in most circles, already choosing what you think is right for your family as opposed to that which is popular in society around you, as homeschooling is not yet prevailingly popular. The number of people who homeschool is on the rise however, so it’s easier and more common to make that choice these days. That fact can create an unexpected issue for you, especially if you’re around other homeschoolers a lot.

Surrounding yourself with others who are homeschoolers can provide a different kind of ‘peer pressure’ of doing what’s popular. There are so many options of curriculum and ways to homeschool nowadays, that you may, in questioning others, find a sense of pressure from them to join in what they are doing. Don’t let this happen. It is up to you as parents to decide what to do for your child. People offer ideas and suggestions. You can be graceful in receiving them, and then make your decisions as to how to use them, if at all. You do need to listen to others as you never know where nuggets are going to come from.

The most important thing for you to do in this regard is to give some thought to what your goals are for your children, what you consider to be the essentials for them to make their way in the world, and perhaps to write them down so that you can remember. You also need to keep in mind that your children are distinct individuals, and you don’t want to make them conform to your notions of what their life should look like but rather give them the tools they will need to find their way.

Of course you can use this “peer pressure” to your advantage. You can watch what others do, the successes they have and perhaps choose to emulate them in that area. You may or may not succeed in doing likewise, but if it’s something you value, don’t stop trying, and consider asking those you are seeking to copy how they managed to triumph in an area you don’t seem to be able to.

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