Arts includes Fine Art, Music, Multimedia, Film Study and Crafts.

Interest-Led Homeschooling

Interest-led homeschooling means allowing your child to learn about some things they are interested in. Many things they have to learn because they are fundamental, like math, spelling and handwriting. But the beauty of homeschooling is that other subjects can focus on things they themselves find intriguing.


Language - one of the most important subjects in education. Without language we can't communicate. If we can't communicate, we will never move forward.


Mathematics - this subject is utilized in everything from shopping and baking to measuring and building. It's a vital skill set to teach our children.


PE - Physical Education is absolutely vital to the growth of your children and the development of their little bodies into strong adults.


Science is everywhere.  Our job is to make science accessible to our children so that they may know and apply its methods and learn its many valuable lessons.

Social Studies

Social Studies includes History, Geography and Archaeology, to name but a few.