Knowing where to start with the ocean of information available on homeschooling can be very overwhelming, so I’ve put together some posts to give you a bit of guidance on getting started. It’s worth reading them in order if this is the very beginning for you.

  1. Firstly, there are Two things you need to know in order to homeschool.
  2. 5 Ws and an H addresses some basic info by answering the questions: who, what, where, when, why and how.
  3. Everyone has their reasons for homeschooling. Why we chose to homeschool is ours.
  4. In the beginning – getting started takes you through some of the early parts, including what the first steps of homeschooling may actually look like. For me, getting started was a lengthy process. I am thankful that my husband was there for help, guidance, and patience, as well as for getting some things started while I found my feet.
  5. You need ideas. Where do you find them? Mining for nuggets digs into that.
  6. As you start, your default idea of what your homeschool should look like is likely to be based on your own experiences.  Find out how to get past that in The number 1 homeschool mistake.
  7. With all the ideas in your head and the abundance of information you are going to find, you are likely to find yourself feeling overwhelmed. This is a place you may visit periodically, or frequently, in your homeschool journey. Find out some ways I avoid that in Avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  8. One of the ways to avoid that sense of feeling like you have too much to do is to realize that in everything you do, your child is going to learn. They are like Sponges!
  9. The next post in this section is a very important one, after reading through the others. It’s the Newsflash that will give you hope.
  10. As you interact with other homeschoolers you may be blind-sided by a type of peer pressure. Find out more in Popular vs Right for your family.
  11. The last post is about Laziness:  what that looks like on you, the evidence in your child that you have fallen into it, and the main thing that will change your focus so you don’t stay there.
1. Two things to know before you homeschool
2. 5 Ws and an H
3. Why we chose to homeschool
4. In the beginning... Getting started
5. Mining for nuggets
6. The #1 Homeschool Mistake
7. Avoid feeling overwhelmed in your homeschool
8. Sponges
9. News Flash
10. Popular vs right for YOUR family
11. Laziness